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Getting the sources:
+You do need the sources to make translations, as the installed program is not sufficient.
+Therefore you need to have dev-util/git installed.
-You do need the sources to make translations. The installed program is not sufficient.
Change into a local directory where you want to have the sources installed.
Then do:
-> bzr pull lp:portato
+> git clone git://
You now should have the actual sources in the "portato" subdirectory.
+If you later on want to update these sources, you do:
+> git pull
+Important: If you are working on a given version, you need to change to the correct branch:
+> git checkout -b 0.13 origin/0.13
+where '0.13' has to be replaced by the version you are going to use.
+Have a look at for more information on how to use git.
To update an incomplete translation: